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Tony Wright - Music and Conflict

Tony Wright considers the impact of Northern Ireland's Changing Political Landscape on his Music

‘Tony Wright is a Belfast-based singer-songwriter (originally from the North Coast). He previously played in rock and post-rock bands such as Zombie Safari Park, Pepperbook, and most recently …And So I Watch You From Afar, but now plies his trade as a solo artist. The songs featured in this interview are ‘Our Truth Could be Their Lie’ and ‘No One As Lonely As Us’.

On 2nd February 2018 at the Oh Yeah Music Centre in Belfast, the ‘Take Back the City – Post-Ceasefire Songs’ event was hosted by music journalist Stuart Bailie as part of the 4 Corners Festival. The event brought together four songwriters from Northern Ireland to play their music and discuss how their songwriting has been affected by a changing political landscape. This event resonated strongly with research themes of the ‘Sounding Conflict: from Resistance to Reconciliation’ project.

Dr Jim Donaghey spoke in more detail with two of the event’s participants, Ursula Burns and Tony Wright. The interviews incorporate two songs by each of these songwriters, bringing their musicality directly into the discussion of their creative practice in a post-conflict context.  In this interview, Tony talks about how his music has been affected by the conflict and post-conflict context of Northern Ireland.’


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