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The Senator George J.Mitchell Institute
for Global Peace, Security and Justice

Tinderbox Theatre Company

Production Workshops | 15 May, 2018

Creating Audio Responses

Eoin Bannon discusses the making of his podcast in response to the play.

Roan Guiney explains how his sound response took some unexpected turns.

Ubu the King Image 3

Brian McCarley explains how his sound interpretation piece focused on a quickening pace and rhythm - inspired by militant marching and galloping horses.

Caolan discusses the concept of 'setting against' and disassociation applied in her sound interpretation.

Ubu the King Image 5

Eoghan O’Connor shares his 'sonic response' methodology.

Ubu the King Image 6

Paul Campbell shares his audio package production

Ubu the King Image 7

Simon Porter's soundscape production.

Ubu the King Image 8

How the rallying speech, "I want to be King" morphs into John Thorp's incongruous sound monologue.

Ubu the King Image 9

Aaron Willoughby shares his sound production

Ubu the King Image 10

Ovalle Zanker presents his audio workshop production.

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