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The Senator George J.Mitchell Institute
for Global Peace, Security and Justice

Sound Art Installation

One of the outputs of the Sounding Conflict research project is a sound installation (which will be shown in Derry/Londonderry then taken to Museu da Maré in Rio de Janeiro).

Curated by Pedro Rebelo with Matilde Meireles, the installation aims to juxtapose experiences and insights arising out of fieldwork across the various work streams. Materials collated by all participants in the project will be reviewed for this work, reflecting sounds and responses to resistance, intervention and reconciliation across all of the distinct cultural and conflict contexts.

The installation will comprise recorded interview excerpts, digital images, snapshots of narrated histories and autobiographies of the participants. The installation is a reflection of practice-based research, which is in dialogue with all other aspects of the project. This interventionist approach to fieldwork material allows us to apply sonic arts strategies to create an experience in which the public can critically engage with the key themes that emerge from fieldwork and analysis.

The installation will be developed in Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland through a participatory process, which aims to re-interpret, critique, select and connect materials from each of the regions covered by the project. By taking the work to Museu da Maré in Rio de Janeiro we will reflect back on the impact of ‘Som da Maré’ and be able to juxtapose experiences of conflict and how these manifest themselves through sound.

The installation acts as a creative space for making relayed connections relating to how sound and the sonic experience reflects conflict and how an aural understanding can contribute to a better understanding of resistance and resilience.  

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