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The Senator George J.Mitchell Institute
for Global Peace, Security and Justice

Our Approach

Our strategic approach is broadly conceptualised in three interrelated project strands in Brazil, the Middle East and Northern Ireland which engage with issues of resistance, resilience and reconciliation. We are addressing the following research questions:

  1. How effective are music, storytelling and digital media in conveying people’s experiences of violent conflict?
  2. How does engagement with music, storytelling and digital media transform conflict narratives among participants?
  3. What common patterns of response can be identified in the use of music, sound and storytelling practices across different conflict settings?
  4. To what extent and in what ways can participatory music, sound art and staged performances impact upon governing authorities and feed into policy-making?

Visit About Project for more details of our comparative project areas of research in Brazil, Northern Ireland and the Middle East; and The Senator George J. Mitchell Institute for Global Peace, Security and Justice is a Global Research Institute (GRI).