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The Senator George J.Mitchell Institute
for Global Peace, Security and Justice

Tinderbox Theatre Company

Ubu the King

Creating Audio Responses

In January and February 2019, Dr Steffi Lehner worked with Dr Pedro Rebelo and a group of SARC students on the production of Ubu the King by Tinderbox Theatre Company. Rehearsals and the full production were recorded by the team. These recordings produced audio responses to the production, which transformed the domestic sounds of kitchen utensils to create a belliphone atmosphere and environment. 

Workshop Audio Responses


Credits for Ubu the King

Creator Patrick J O'Reilly and Ensemble

Producer Jen Shepherd

Music Katie Richardson

Design Ciaran Bagnall 

Cast Claire Connor, Jo Donnelly, Tony Flynn, Julie Lewis and Rhodri Lewis

Image credits: Photos by Ciaran Bagnall 


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