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The Senator George J.Mitchell Institute
for Global Peace, Security and Justice

Kabosh Theatre Company

Kabosh Theatre

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Those you Pass On the Street

In June 2018 Dr Stefanie Lehner and Dr David Grant organised a series of workshops with youth communities in Rathcoole, which focused on creative responses to three Kabosh productions, Those you Pass on the Streets, Green & Blue and Lives in Translation. The workshops explored how these specific theatre productions enable a better/different understanding of 'the other' and his/her experiences; (ii) how they help to create an emphatic/sympathetic reaction/understanding of 'the other' and his/her experiences; (iii) in what ways they make us more sensitive and empathetic to issues that other people experience, that we would otherwise not be exposed to; (iv) and consider if they work to transform/change our understanding of post-conflict in Northern Ireland.


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