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The Senator George J.Mitchell Institute
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Past Conferences

Marking Twentieth Anniversary of Good Friday Agreement, 6th-7th April 2018

Dr. Stefanie Lehner discusses legacy of Good Friday Agreement

INTERNATIONAL experts including Dr. Stefanie Lehner, discussed the impact and legacy of the Good Friday Agreement at a University of Salford event on 6th -7th April 2018, to mark the landmark political development’s twentieth anniversary.

The conference included free events that members of the public were invited to attend – features writers, academics and journalists from across the world discussed the cultural, social, and political legacy of the agreement, which paved the way for power sharing in Northern Ireland and ended years of sectarian conflict.  Experts also looked at where the agreement stands now – following last year’s breakdown of the Northern Ireland Assembly and as the subject of a hard border continues to be discussed as part of ongoing Brexit negotiations.


Past Conferences & Events
Past Conferences & Events

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