Jim at ArtNReconciliation Conference

Conflict, Culture and Community

Reconciliation in Post-Conflict Settings Symposium 29/11/18

- Interdisciplinary research initiative exploring reconciliation in post-conflict settings

Sounds of Affect and Innovation

Conflict Transformation in the Arts

7/11/2018 - Bringing together research and practice-led perspectives in a working forum

ASA Conference

Association of Social Anthropologists Conference 2018


Shot 4

Anarchist Studies

5th International Conference, 12-14 September 2018, Loughborough

15/05/2018 - Dr Jim Donaghey presents ‘Researching punk Indonesia: notes towards a non-exploitative insider methodology’ examining sounding conflict in cultural study and practice.

Kismif TV Smith

Music Culture & Practice

KISMIF Conference, 4-7 July 2018, Porto, Portugal

15/05/2018 - Dr Jim Donaghey discusses 'Queer DIY gigs as anarcha-feminist interventions’ at Porto's international scientific conference on underground music scenes, DIY cultures and related Sounding Conflict themes.

Fiona Head Shot 3_1600W

The U2 Conference June 2018

Can Music End Conflict?

23/07/2018 - Professor Fiona Magowan explores 'Ethnomusicology and Interdisciplinary Perspectives on the Politics of Persuasion and Peacebuilding' at the Annual U2 Conference held at Queen's University in Belfast.

Resonating Occupation Conference

'Resonating Occupation' Conference

'Resonating Occupation' Conference, University of Nottingham, 11th May 2018

11/04/2018 - Professor Fiona Magowan and Dr Jim Donaghey discuss the recent adoption and development of creative and innovative methodologies in the Sounding Conflict project to date.

Legacy of Good Friday Agreement 2018

Marking Twentieth Anniversary of Good Friday Agreement, 6th-7th April 2018

18/04/2018 - Dr. Stefanie Lehner discusses legacy of Good Friday Agreement through reading of two 2015 theatre productions

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